Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Corned Beef with Cabbage

Never judge food by the look of it, smell of it.. or even its name!! The first time i have ever tried corned beef and cabbage was at my in-laws house a few years ago. I honestly never wanted to try this meal because of how it looks.. lets face it, it looks disgusting! Just because it looks like something only a dog would eat doesn't mean it isn't delicious! I think of the phrase "Never judge a book by its cover" whenever i eat this yummy meal (twice a year)! There are many people who never try new foods because of how it looks or even how it smells, but that my friends is a huge mistake! The smellier the cheese, the better it tastes! :) SO i encourage you all to try this delicious meal this year for St. Patrick's Day! 
(This is a very basic way of cooking this dish)

Corned Beef and Cabbage
- 1 pkg Corned Beef with season pkg inside
- 8 Red Potatoes
- 2 cups Mini Carrots
- 1 head of Cabbage 
(we use 2 heads because the cabbage is our favorite)
- Water

First you want to placed WASHED and SLICED potatoes in crockpot

Then you place WASHED mini carrots on top potatoes

Next place Corned Beef on top. NOW this is a personal preference but you are not suppose to wash the meat before placing it in the crockpot because it adds so much flavor. I did wash mine this year and i noticed the meat wasn't as tender and not as flavorful so i will not rinse mine the next time i cook it but just so you know, you shouldn't wash the meat, even though you will want to. This is a very slimy, fatty meat.

Now you want to fill up the crockpot with water until the meat is covered. Once crockpot is filled with water you want to top with the special seasoning packet that came with the meat. NOTE: I got a huge beef roast this year so i wasn't able to cover the meat completely.

Cover and Cook on LOW for 8 hours

Now you will want to add the WASHED and SLICED Cabbage to the crockpot and continue to cook, covered, on LOW for another 3-4 hours. (total cook time: 11-12 hours on LOW)

Serve and Enjoy!

Now im sure you noticed the brussel sprouts on the side. That is also another food i never tried until a few years ago again at my in-laws house. I was shocked at the taste. They aren't my favorite vegetable for sure but i will definitely eat them because they are actually pretty good. They taste similar to broccoli, if you add butter and a little bit of salt! :)

When i made this i thought, "well i don't think Adilyn (my daughter) will like it, so i wont make it" BUT I was wrong. My daughter is a very, i mean VERY, picky eater! And she liked everything but the cabbage and potatoes! Here is a picture of her plate and i kid you not she ate ALL of it! Who knows, maybe your kids will like it as much as my daughter did!

I Hope you all have the guts to try this dish out! I was pleasantly surprised and i am sure you will be too!

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Liselle Parry said...

I have never tried corned beef, but I might just try this recipe.. it looks delicious!!

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