Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Testimony of a Pressure Cooker

When I got my pressure cooker as a Christmas gift two years ago my first thought was, "What the heck is this?! And when am I ever going to use it? ONE more BIG appliance i DON'T have room for"... THOUGHTS OF REGRET my friends!

I am "one of those people" that buy things in bulk and a LOT of it when it goes on sale, in particular MEAT! Chicken Breasts for $1.29- $1.49/ lb... UM, YES PLEASE! Diet lean ground beef (93/7) for $1.99-$2.20/ lb FILL MY CART! Because I buy in bulk I spend a couple hours separating the meat into individual meals and stocking my freezer. What happens when I have a crazy busy day and I don't think about dinner until 5pm and all my meat is frozen? Sometimes, I result to meatless speghetti, but most times, I do not worry about it because I know my chicken can go from solid frozen to FULLY COOKED in 20 min or less! No, I am not joking. The ONLY reason I would think to write a post about this amazing life saver is because of how much time it saves me in the kitchen.


HERE is the exact cooker I use in my kitchen. Lets go back to my inital thoughts on this beauty. "What the heck is this?" Well it's a fabulous machine that cooks under intense pressure. "When am I ever going to use it?" For me, it saves me atleast 2-3x per week. "One more big appliance I don't have room for!" A valid point, but I would get rid of every crock pot and stock pot I own to make room for it if I had to! Oh, and it comes in multiple colors! Fabulous! Time is money right?! For me it is!

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Liselle said...

LOVE! I want one of these! Too often my meat is frozen and the last thing I want to do is make dinner when I have to defrost that meat first. Then we end up having cereal..... or going out. I could im sure save lots of money with this little gadget :)

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