Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bathtub Toy Chaos!

For those of us who have Toddlers or Young Children, we've all had that moment when we drain the bathtub and say to ourselves, "oh great! I just cleaned the kids, now I get to clean these toys too!" Does this look familiar?
Now comes the fun part. Do you spend tons of time putting them in clean water to rinse them out and then set them out to dry so they don't grow unwanted visitors? Ummm.. who has time for THAT?! Seriously!? How many of us throw them into some kind of bin when they are still wet and have that nasty bath water all over them with absolutely NO way of draining the excess water that runs off? Honestly, a lot of people so don't feel bad! Let's get real here, kids pee and spit in the tub all the time and even worse things! I think we've seen it all as mom's right? Why not have something functional and practical that saves you time and is CHEAP?! Here's the solution.
Yes, this is a dish drying rack that I got at Walmart for under $8! The suction cups are suction cup wreath hooks I also bought at walmart on clearance after christmas for $ .50 each. SCORE! But HERE is an identical suction cup I found on Amazon. The suction cups stay on as long as you GET THEM WET before attaching them to the wall and the dish drainer allows any water to drain off and as a result the toys dry OUT OF SIGHT! (just remember to rinse/wash them to get those germs off)  What I love most about this is the "utilsil holder". Many of our kids use "bath crayons". Tada! Now you have a place for those too! Organized life=Happy mommy!


Liselle said...

I love this!! Thanks so much for this awesome solution!

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SO smart!!

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