Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to clean Foggy Dishware and Glasses

How many of us have seen commercials lately advertising Oxi Clean Dishwashing Booster?
Frankly, the commercial won me over! This is why...

Yes, those are my glasses! Yes, I even use rinse agent during my washing cycles. Where I live, we have very hard water and since nothing would make these glasses look clean I got very excited when I saw the commercial for Oxi Clean Dishwashing Booster. The directions state that for the "first wash WOW" add two squirts of the booster into the bottom of your dishwasher and then fill your rinse agent compartment with approx half the bottle. So, I followed the instructions...

After loading my dishwasher and pressing the start button, I left to take my daughter to school and then do some grocery shopping. When I came home, I was happy to see the "clean" light on. I opened up the dishwasher and this is what I saw...
Huh... well, they look a LITTLE better but they definitely don't look GREAT. I had a couple glasses that looked pretty good but with some spotting that came out looking great but for the ones we use daily...What now?? I went to my pantry and grabbed the following items
Baking Soda
Dish Soap
In pure despiration and determination I decided I would find a way to get these clean myself! 30 Minutes later this is what I had!

Here's how you do it!
Put on your kitchen gloves and grab that scrub sponge!
1. Fill your kitchen sink HALF WAY with Hot/Warm Water. Please don't make it too hot or you'll burn yourself.
2. Add approx 3 TB liquid dish soap
3. Add 2 Cups White Distilled Vinigar
4. Add 1 Cup Baking Soda
Put your glasses in your sink and let them sit in the mixture for a couple minutes. With a sponge (I used one with a scrup pad for those extra tough spots) wash the glasses and rinse in warm water. Let them air dry or use a clean dry cloth.
Tada!!!! I'm no longer afraid to have company ask for a drink of water!


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